Saturday, April 16

Life as a Gigi

I am not deligent at blogging but hopefully I can do a better job this time at a new start. Hopefully ...

Life as a Gigi is so much fun, Kerhia, Mia, Isaiah an soon to be here Lyla Elizabeth. How exciting to have a namesake. Whether we are rocking while watching t.v., playing in the yard or even bathtime. It is so rewarding to have them little eyes look at you and smile and give you a hug. Being loved unconditionally by these little people is just about the neatest thing ever.
Watching Kerhia potty train is so funny to. When you are a mother you are so worried about if your children are learning on time or if you are training/teaching properly. Worried about all kinds of things in life, but as a Gigi you are enjoying their accompishments enjoying everytime you hold them. I have been told this for years but never believed that it could be fun and loving and non stressful all at the same time.
Mia is starting walk and is gettin her teeth and Isaiah is such a BOY wanting to jump and jump continually and is so strong. Kerhia can remember everything, such the copycat. Just can't wait for Lyla to get her to see her personality.
Popp-e loves his home trips and Skype-time. When we talk its usually all about what the babies are doing ! Gotta love this life..
Now we are wondering whats next ..... God knows are plan but we have to wait and see.

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