Saturday, April 16

Life as a Gigi

I am not deligent at blogging but hopefully I can do a better job this time at a new start. Hopefully ...

Life as a Gigi is so much fun, Kerhia, Mia, Isaiah an soon to be here Lyla Elizabeth. How exciting to have a namesake. Whether we are rocking while watching t.v., playing in the yard or even bathtime. It is so rewarding to have them little eyes look at you and smile and give you a hug. Being loved unconditionally by these little people is just about the neatest thing ever.
Watching Kerhia potty train is so funny to. When you are a mother you are so worried about if your children are learning on time or if you are training/teaching properly. Worried about all kinds of things in life, but as a Gigi you are enjoying their accompishments enjoying everytime you hold them. I have been told this for years but never believed that it could be fun and loving and non stressful all at the same time.
Mia is starting walk and is gettin her teeth and Isaiah is such a BOY wanting to jump and jump continually and is so strong. Kerhia can remember everything, such the copycat. Just can't wait for Lyla to get her to see her personality.
Popp-e loves his home trips and Skype-time. When we talk its usually all about what the babies are doing ! Gotta love this life..
Now we are wondering whats next ..... God knows are plan but we have to wait and see.

Saturday, October 2


Today was the women of purpose seminar all day and I was blessed to get to go with Alissa my daughter in law. I was very uplifting for me. Seeing old friends and hearing great motivational talks. God gives us so many blessings ... what a privilege.

Michael is doing great in Saudi but boy we start the count down of days after about 1week of being apart. He likes the apartment / village compound where he is living.

I'm loving being a grandma !!! Just loving it !!! Kerhia just had her second birthday party Friday and really had a blast !! I can't believe it's been two years since she came into our lives and we will forever be changed. Edee did another fantastic job on her birthday cake... Mia is growing so fast and her sweet personality is shining thru. almost 6 months old time is flying... Then we have baby Isaiah Lee turned 3 months old and rolled over today :) LIFE IS SO SURPRISING !!
God is an amazing loving father and showing me this love thru these precious babies is something I never expected ..

Monday, March 8

New Look !!

Wow my life as a wife and mother has seen its ups and downs. I know this is life... I have always tried to put my family first and think that I have done pretty good as a mother... as a wife I am still learning. 26 years and going strong. Michael puts up with all my craziness. From crafts to books to redoing the house and cooking new things, he always trys them. He is a good sport. I in turn feel I have done what he has needed me to do to give our family the best we can. Moving from California to a state I new nothing about or even where it was... OHIO hello :) but we have had so many happy memories there I know now that it was God who led us there for a reason. So now here I am a Grandma and a young one I think. But still a mom and mother-in-law and most important a wife.... with a body I am not happy with so I took the plunge.. jumping.. diving.. headfirst in the plastic surgery field. Yikes !! But I did it, New lifted and reduced Breasts. What a eye opener to surgery. I have had surgery's before but only medical necessary ones. this one for looks and comfort. It has been 2 and a 1/2 weeks and the biggest pain has been where they did the lippo under the arms. But this week a new pain started I guess all the nerve endings start attaching back, didn't know about this before hand. Thank goodness for pain meds! At first you see cuts and swollen parts you are truly not expecting and I think Mike is having the hardest time with the whole thing. BUT as time is going on the swelling is going down and the cuts are looking more like scars at this point.
I still have dieting to do but I feel like I am on the right path for the body I am looking for. I know this all sounds vain but when you have super large breasts you feel like that is all people talk about and see in you. Comments all the time about your breasts... Not being able to fit into tops... bras that cost 50 $$ a piece...your shoulders hurting... I understand women all want what they don't have but I just needed to do this for me.
So now for recovery time and hopefully a NEW LOOK

Tuesday, February 2

A visit to Ohio

After being in Houston this whole winter coming in to Ohio was a eye opener. Cold Cold Cold.... burrrrrr How did I live up there for 16 yrs. hahahaha... I am a valley girl not a ski bunny :) BUT we had a great visit... here are some great pics of the high lights.