Saturday, October 2


Today was the women of purpose seminar all day and I was blessed to get to go with Alissa my daughter in law. I was very uplifting for me. Seeing old friends and hearing great motivational talks. God gives us so many blessings ... what a privilege.

Michael is doing great in Saudi but boy we start the count down of days after about 1week of being apart. He likes the apartment / village compound where he is living.

I'm loving being a grandma !!! Just loving it !!! Kerhia just had her second birthday party Friday and really had a blast !! I can't believe it's been two years since she came into our lives and we will forever be changed. Edee did another fantastic job on her birthday cake... Mia is growing so fast and her sweet personality is shining thru. almost 6 months old time is flying... Then we have baby Isaiah Lee turned 3 months old and rolled over today :) LIFE IS SO SURPRISING !!
God is an amazing loving father and showing me this love thru these precious babies is something I never expected ..

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